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Safe Motorcycles Refueling

For safely refueling your motorcycle at the gas stations, you should always remember the following:


Before refueling:

  1. The employee will ask you to get off the motorcycle (driver and passenger).

WHY? If you remain on the motorcycle, you are unnecessarily breathing (toxic) fuel vapors, you might be soaked with fuel in case of overflow or get burns in case of a  fire.

  1. An employee will ask you to turn off the engine.

WHY? If the engine is running, it might be overheated. In case the flammable fuel comes into contact with the hot parts, it might cause a fire.

  1. The motorcycle must be stabilized.

WHY? If the motorcycle for some reason overturns during refueling, then fuel might be poured in the station and may cause a fire.


During refueling:

  1. The motorcycle fuel tank should not be filled above the permissible limit. There is a danger of overflow.

WHY? In case of overflow, it is possible that the hot parts of the motorcycle, such as the engine or the exhaust system, come into contact with the flammable fuel. Thus, there is a risk of fire.



Safe Motorcycle Refueling Brochure