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Euromat AFMS

The new refueling generation!
A  fully  safe,  automated  system  of fuel  management   and  support  services  that  serve  the  needs  of any  fleet.  The  most efficient, as well as cost and time effective way to manage a fleet with minimum human intervention, for maximum control and optimal data collection.

For refueling either at public gas stations, or at privately owned company stations or in both cases, Euromat AFMS is the perfect solution.
Some of the benefits of EUROMAT AFMS for fleet owners:

  • Automatic, unified pricing - one single payment
  • Automatic odometer reader for accurate, useful reports
  • Monitoring maintenance, engine performance and driving habits
  • Elimination of manually entered data collection, reduction of human intervention and prevention of human errors
  • Prevention of using the wrong fuel type
  • Simplification of the process of acknowledging fueling expenditures for tax purposes
  • An average 30-day credit period for fueling transactions payment

Detailed reports,
updated with all the information you need for fueling expenditures monitoring.
•  Quantity and fee per vehicle
•  Average fuel consumption
•  Odometer indication on every refueling
•  Recording of location & time on every refueling
•  Creation of additional reports as appropriate and according to your needs

When it’s time to pay, EuroM@t Hellas makes things
easier for you!
All refueling data
related to the fleet can be entered with an automated procedure directly into your company’s ERP system.
No more waste of time and effort for manual data entry!
With a simple click in your ERP system, you can make a single wire transfer and that’s it! We will make sure  that payment is sent to all stations throughout

The  experienced  personnel  of Euromat  is  always  available , ensuring
the best level
of customer service.

A  wide  network  of stations  is ready to serve your fleet.
Thanks to our  long-standing  experience , you  can  enjoy  our  services in  hundreds of  EKO  stations  throughout the country.