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What is Eurotrack?
Innovative telematics services for an integrated fleet management solution
Eurotrack-VLTS (Vehicle Location and Telemetry Service) is a great tool for your fleet’s management.
When using the Eurotrack system, you will be able to know and see your fleet. Regardless of whether your fleet   consists of a Sales
Team  or a Tech Support team or product distributors or even school buses, Eurotrack is the right tool for you.
Online monitoring and various different reports, such as itineraries, stops, visits to customers, temperature monitoring and recording,
condition of doors or valves, driver behavior analysis, or any other data. For all this and so much more, we got the answer.

Some of the Eurotrack system features are listed below:
  • Current (in real time) and past locations, routes and stops on Google maps or Open Street
  • Automated notifications for predefined conditions
  • Customer locations or points of interest on the map
  • Geographic limits setting per point (customer location or point of interest)
  • Optimal route calculation to visit customer locations or points of interest Monitoring of predefined routes (based on location and time) Trip or itinerary cost calculation
  • Locating the nearest vehicle at any spot (route distance or on a straight line) Custom SMS/E-mail notifications Monitoring of fleet expenses Automated fleet maintenance management with alerts for upcoming maintenance work based on mileage or time intervals Driver behavior reports, with the use of a three-axis acceleration sensor (3-Axis G Sensor) and the advanced MobilEye system

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