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ΕΚΟ sponsoring the Red Bull Art of Motion

ΕΚΟ sponsoring the  Red Bull Art of Motion

Santorini / Greece


The 5th year of the Red Bull Art of Motion is now part of history! Oia Santorini is the new natural track for 2015, where freerunners from all over the world tried their stunts for the first time.

For yet another year, along with Red Bull, EKO was sponsoring the event.

During the 5th Red Bull Art of Motion we saw excellent runners and new talents that tried their best, and enjoyed the unique architecture of magical Santorini.

The Greek athlete Dimitris Kyrsanidis, known as DK, confronted all the legendary freerunners of the world, such as Jason Paul, Joann Leroux, Pasha Petkuns and Alexander Baiturin, to prove that first place belonged to him!

He managed to become the second athlete who has won the championship two times in a row; something achieved only by the Latvian Pavel Petkuns, a.k.a “The Boss”.

EKO organized a separate hospitality program in a specially designed space, where guests had the chance to watch the athletes compete.