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EKO Travels You with Ellehammer products!

EKO’s new promotion! At EKO you can now obtain the unique set of travel goods from the well-known company Ellehammer at a discount of up to 70%!
By collecting coupons, you can obtain the travel items of the collection at a low cost. Specifically, whenever you buy EKO fuels at one of the participating petrol stations, you get 1 coupon for every €10 fuel purchase. For example, if you buy fuel totaling €10, you will receive a 1 coupon from the cashier, if you buy fuel worth €20, you will receive 2 coupons, etc. By collecting 8 coupons and paying the corresponding amount mentioned in the brochure, you can obtain the product of your choice.

The brochure products are provided either with coupons at a discounted price or at the retail price stated in the brochure. There is no limit to the number of products you can obtain. The coupons cannot be exchanged in whole or in part for cash or other products.
The coupons will be given until January 25, 2015 and the completed forms will be exchanged until February 8, 2015.  The program is valid until stocks and coupons run out, and cannot be combined with another actions, offer or discount.

The products have a 2-year warranty on presentation of proof of purchase.
For more information see the promotional brochure here.
Click here to view the list of petrol stations participating in the program.