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EKO sponsors the National Men’s Basketball Team

ΕΚΟ sponsors the

National Men’s Basketball Team

EKO expressed its support to the Hellenic Basketball Federation, by sponsoring the National Men’s Basketball Team, the offical favorite of all Greeks, in the European and World Basketball Championship!

Our national basketball team needs no introduction! The successful appearances of our National Men’s Basketball Team are unforgettable, not just to us Greeks, but also to all Europeans.

EKO is also internationally acclaimed! The company has two Guinness world records for the lowest fuel consumption for gas and diesel engines, for its 95 EKOnomy and Diesel EKOnomy series, respectively! EKO has a long-standing tradition in supporting sports clubs.

This time, EKO will support the efforts of our National Men’s Team in the world championship in Spain that starts on August 30, and the European championship in the Ukraine on September 2015.

The CEO of EKO, I. Psychogios, stated the following: “We are happy to support our National Men’s Basketball Team! EKO has always been supporting the bigger and smaller efforts of our teams. We hope and wish that out National Team will keep making us proud!”


The National Men’s Basketball Team fills up its tank with EKO fuels!