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New Unleaded 95EKONOMY by EKO

More miles - less fuel

With the new unleaded 95EKONOMY by EKO

In a very warm ceremony held at Egli Zappeion with guests from the journalism and motorsport fields, EKO presented the new 95 EKONOMY petrol.

It is a new fuel created by EKO in cooperation with BASF, the world's largest chemical company. Once again, EKO took the initiative to show its practical support to the Greek consumer, who is being tried in this difficult economic climate. 

95EKONOMY is based on a new improved formulation with additives and latest technology friction regulators, which results in reducing consumption by up to 1 liter for each tank fill up, offering up to 300 additional kilometers per year with the same amount of fuel. 

The new 95 EKONOMY petrol:
  • Cleans the intake valves better and with long-term use keeps your engine clean thereby improves performance.

  • Protects the engine from wear, reducing friction.

  • Is more friendly to humans and the environment (fewer emitted pollutants).

  • Addresses all consumers to provide fuel consumption economy of up to 2%.

The ceremony was opened by Mr. I. Psychogios, EKO’s CEO, while the event was attended by Mr T. Giannitsis, President of the Hellenic Petroleum Group and Mr. I. Kostopoulos, the Group’s CEO.

Also in attendance at the event was Mr. V. Panagopoulos, Retail Sales & Marketing Director, representatives of BASF Messrs. Georg Scheper and Dr Harald Schwahn, Assoc. Professor of the NTUA Mr. F. Zannikos (Fuels and Lubricants Technology Laboratory), Hellenic Petroleum and EKO executives and race car and motorcycle drivers from the EKO RACING TEAM Messrs. D. Psyllos, K. Chalivelakis and A. Papageorgiou.