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National Record in Cost Efficiency

The acquisition of the 1st Certified National Low Fuel Consumption Record was presented in the context of a special event held at Technopolis - Gazi, on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 supported by EKO ABEE and Kosmocar S.A., which was very successful,

The drivers-instructors of the Driving Academy, the school for safe driving, began their efforts on 23/7 from the EKO gas station in Ioannina and covered 1,638 km with Volkswagen Polo 1.2 TSI 105 PS and 1,339 km with the Volkswagen UP! MPI 75 PS with one fill up, crossing mainland Greece via Thessaloniki, Xanthi, Kavala, Larissa, Volos, Lamia, Corinth and Akrata to finish at EKO Refueling Station at the 10th km of Attiki Odos on Saturday 28/7.

The vehicles were filled up with EKO 95 EKONOMY petrol. The VW Polo covered to route with an average consumption of 27km/liter, while the Volkswagen UP with an average consumption of 29 km/liter.

This success was confirmed by the Eco2Driving organization, which certifies record economic driving on a national and global level.

Mr. Ioannis Psychogios, CEO, declared, "In 2011, EKO introduced the 95EKONOMY petrol to the market, the first diversified fuel that ensures savings and increased performance for the consumer. In collaboration with the NTUA, the cost benefits of using 95EKONOMY were tested under real conditions within the Greek Urban Cycle. Today, we are pleased to confirm the benefits of this product with the national low fuel consumption record, which is certified by the international organization ECO2DRIVING. EKO continues to invest in products and services in the best interests of the Greek consumer and while demonstrating its respect and concern for the environment and the community daily".