EKO Hotline 211 1818050


On 31.12.2002, BP Cyprus Ltd was bought out by Hellenic Petroleum International AG, and was renamed EKO Cyprus.

The company’s administration determines, provides, and maintains the necessary infrastructure for the provision of services and products, and their alignment with customer preferences.

The company’s infrastructure consists of:
  • 94 stations under the EKO label
  • 25 points of oil sale in rural areas 
  • Privately-owned offices in Larnaca, of a total area of 300m2. 
  • Rented offices in Limassol, of a total area of 700m2.
  • 19 tanks for fuel storage in Larnaca.
  • A loading station for tanker trucks.
  • LPG bottling station and loading of bulk LPG on tanker trucks. 
  • A lubricant factory, under the name “Supelube Ltd”, which is specialized in the production and mixing of lubricants. The company participates in this scheme as a major shareholder.
  • Fire extinction unit
  • Lubricants warehouses
  • Wastewater management unit
  • 6 tanker trucks, with a total capacity of 94,000 liters, for LPG transportation
  • 1 tanker truck, with a capacity of 36,000 liters, for the transportation of white products