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Collaboration with Wissol

Wissol Group is the largest retailer of petroleum products in Georgia, running  more than 120 gas and natural gas stations under its label, with the plan of operating 40 more refueling stations in the future. All stations are privately-owned and operated.

Wissol Group was awarded by the Georgian Quality Fund as the best services and products company, is certified by ISO 9001-2000 for its quality management, and is the biggest employer in Georgia.

ΕΚΟ, since July 2014 and through a 3-year contract, became the exclusive partner of Wissol in Georgia, supplying it with standard EKO fuels (gas and diesel) and not with its specialized series, such as Ekonomy Fuels, EKO Racing 100, Diesel Avio etc. Wissol has the right to sell its own products next to those under the EKO brand.