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The Aspropyrgos facility is located on the 19th km of the Athens-Corinth national highway, on a privately-owned area of 16,500 square meters, on the beach of Aspropyrgos. The facility houses the headquarters of the LPG Office of southern Greece, and the Technical Department that provides tech support within the premises, to the company’s industrial customers and the AUTO-GAS stations.

The Aspropyrgos facility houses the main bottling factory and the largest storage areas of the company. Its total storage capacity is approximately 3,000m3 and daily bottling capacity is over 8,500 bottles over an 8-hour operation. There are about 20 employees -under permanent or temp contracts- in the premises.
There is a total of eight tanks, one of which is round and has a total capacity of 2,084 m3, while the remaining seven are horizontal cylindric, with a maximum capacity of 110 m3. The round tank is used exclusively for storing gas mixture, while the cylindric ones for storing propane, butane, or mixture, depending on needs or availability. The LPG storage tanks are under pressure, which means that the product is stored in liquid form at ambient temperature. All tanks are located aboveground.
Refueling with LPG mixture takes place through an underground 6’’ pipe, about 4,000 meters long, connected to the HELPE Aspropyrgos Refineries.
On the contrary, refueling of the cylindrical tanks with pure propane or butane takes place only through tanker trucks.
The bottling area is approximately 660 m2, and includes an open platform with a metal covered area. It features 2 bottling points, a 20-position mixture carousel, and a 10-position propane carousel. It is equiped with a bottle washing system, an electronic leak detector, and a corrugating machine for both bottling lines. Current capacity is approximately 7,000 LPG mixture tanks, and 1,500 propane tanks over an 8-hour operation.

The Aspropyrgos facility operates under the strick requirements of the respective legislation (MD number D3/14858/93, GG 477/Β/1-7-93), and observes all hygiene, safety and environments regulations of EKO SA, in accordance with corporate policy. The facility features a permanent fire extinction unit, and the fire extinction network is always kept under pressure. All tanks are certified by the Hellenic Register of Shipping, and there is an electronic system of level monitoring in real time. Last, but not least, there is a maintenance system based on SAP/PM (Plant Maintenance), throughout the electromechanical equipment, which ensures smooth operation and safety.
The facility has a storage capacity of over 40,000 bottles, and storage areas for tanks and materials for the industrial premises.
The Aspropyrgos facility serves the supply needs of the prefectures of Attica, the Peloponnese, Cyclades, Crete, Central Greece, Evia, Aetoloakarnania, Zakynthos and Kefalonia. To this end, the company operates a fleet of seven privately-owned and contracted LPG tanker trucks with a capacity of 8 to 19 tons, for the daily distribution of LPG in bulk to large industrial and commercial customers. Moreover, it cooperates with contracted Public Use transporters, for the transportation and distribution of LPG tanks to the aforementioned areas.
Last, but not least, tanks are also sold via retailers, who mainly access the facility with their own vehicles.

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