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EKO has been active in the LPG sector since the mid 80s and currently operates 2 privately-owned facilities, one inAspropyrgos , one in Thessaloniki and in Rethymnon, thus meeting the needs of its customers throughout the country. From these facilities it distributes bulk LPG for Industrial, Commercial and Domestic use, Bottled LPG for Commercial and Domestic use and Autogas. Its facilities’ total storage capacity exceeds 3,600m3, while its total daily bottling capacity is about 15,000 cylinders.

EKO employs a total of 40 employees at the 3 LPG facilities, while another 30 are directly associated to this activity as the Company’s External Partners. EKO serves large Industrial and Commercial Customers with a privately-owned and Contracted fleet, while a large number of Partners and Traders are supplied with bottled LPG in 3, 10, 15, 25 kg cylinders.

Moreover, approximately 140 mixed Autogas stations operate throughout the Territory, with this Network expanding dynamically.
LPG combines exceptional environmental friendliness and low price (compared to Diesel) constituting an optimal cost/performance solution for large Industrial and Commercial Customers, SMEs and Domestic consumers. 
Furthermore, for the same reasons, Autogas is an extremely attractive alternative for drivers whose cars currently run on petrol, or who are thinking of acquiring a vehicle that runs on diesel.

Contact Information:
Secretariat: 210 7725187
Sales: 210 7725537