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Continuing on from EXXON, EKO has engaged in Shipping fuels since 1984.

With total dedication to comprehensive customer service, it supplies shipping fuels and lubricants, holding a leading position in the market.

It covers  all ports of the country, supplying ships with foreign flags (passing), cruise ships and coasters. It cooperates both with traders and with shipping companies.

It transportsfuel in accordance with the latest standards in the global shipping market. It stands by its customer at a technical level, providing high level technical support for even the most specialized application.

It provides its customers’ ships with reliable and responsible service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It has all kinds of shipping fuel oil in BFO and MGO.

Its Shipping sector operates by the principles of ensuring fuel quality and the unobstructed, uninterrupted and smooth supply of ships. The safety of employees of supply means and ships and the protection the marine environment is its priority.

It cooperates closely with all relevant authorities (customs - port authorities) for the faithful implementation of all regulations.