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Our story

  • 1962

    Signing of the contract between the then Prime Minister Konstantinos Karamanlis and Tom Pappas for the creation of the ESSO PAPPAS Industrial Complex in Thessaloniki.
  • 1964

    On 10 May 1964, King Konstantinos on behalf of the royal family and Prime Minister George Papandreou on behalf of the government, establish the major project of the ESSO PAPPAS Industrial Complex in Thessaloniki.
  • 1966

    6,000 workers, technicians and designers, who have worked for 38 months, manage to create a technical marvel! The ESSO PAPPAS Industrial Complex spans across the nation and marks the beginning of the industrial development of Northern Greece. The vision of the expatriate Tom Pappas, namely the creation of an industrial complex in his homeland, is becoming a reality!
  • 1982

    In 1982, following EXXON’s decision to abandon its business activities in Greece, the Greek State expresses an interest in purchasing ESSO’s share package.
  • 1984

    On March 6, 1984, EKO ELEPEX (a holding company) buys the shares of the ESSO PAPPAS Group of Companies at a low price on behalf of the Greek State, thus ensuring the smooth continuation of all its business activities.

    ESSO is renamed EKO, it falls under the Public Petroleum Corporation S.A. (DEP) and now operates as a company of the broader public sector. This is followed by the country’s continuous upward trend in the petroleum and petrochemical market.

  • 1995

    1995 sees the expansion of its business activities abroad with the establishment of a subsidiary fuel marketing company in GEORGIA.
  • 1996

    Mid 1996 sees the implementation of the decision for EKO’s New Corporate Identity, which marks a new beginning in the Company’s history.
  • 1998

    March 1998 marks the transfer of the PETROLINA OVERSEAS shares to EKO and the incorporation of PETROLINA and EKOLINA into the company’s subsidiaries.

    In April 1998, DEP is renamed HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A., it absorbs ΕΚΟ-HELLENIC REFINERIES & CHEMICALS OF MACEDONIA AΒΕΕ, the industrial sector of ΕΚΟ ΑΒΕΕ, ELDA S.A. (Greek Refineries Aspropyrgos S.A.), and DEP-EKY.

    The commercial sector of EKO ABEE and ELDA-E are merged and absorbed by the EKO-ELDA ABEE, a subsidiary of HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A. and now form a single commercial company. Thus, the new commercial company the largest Greek petroleum marketing company and significantly strengthens the regulatory role that it will continue to exercise for the consumer’s benefit.

    The acquisition of G. MAMIDAKIS & CO. AEEP by EKO-ELDA in November 1998, constitutes an act of strategic importance, since the acquisition of the six facilities and approximately 470 petrol stations significantly strengthens the company against the competition.

  • 2002

    In 2002 it dynamically expand its activities in the greater region of S.E. Europe, especially in the Balkans, with the development of fuel marketing networks in SERBIA and BULGARIA, through its respective subsidiaries.
  • 2003

  • 2016

    Today, EKO ABEE constitutes a significantly large structure of marketing companies, with a dominating presence in the Greek petroleum market.