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Our Fleet

EKO 1 & 2

EKO remains firmly focused on the reliable and safe supply of all its petrol stations both in city centers and in remote areas and islands.

EKO supplies more than 160 of its petrol stations throughout almost all the islands of the Aegean. To attain this objective and driven by its growth strategy, in 2009 it acquired and launched two newly built, ultramodern RO RO Tankers, EKO 1 & EKO 2.

The ships with a capacity of 2,700m3 each (2,454 MT DWT), have a double shell and double bottom and have systems that meet the most modern and stringent safety and environmental protection standards. For the supply of petrol stations, they transport fuel tankers, which are parked in closed garages and loaded aboard ships in enclosed loading stations. They fly a Greek flag and the majority of its seamen are Greek.

The structure of ship tankers and the fuel tankers’ modern loading systems, fully guarantee the quality and quantity of fuel supplied to the Greek islands.

EKO 3, 4 & 5

Our facilities on the Greek islands are primarily supplied by the Company’s owned vessels, EKO 3,4 & 5. These three white product ship tankers, each having a capacity of 3,500m3 (3,224 MT DWT), fully guarantee the quality of the transported fuel and the protection of the environment. They fly a Greek flag and employ Greek seamen.

These ship tankers do not only supply the facilities within Greece, but also of the Group’s foreign subsidiaries.