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Understanding its customers’ need for greater cost efficiency during their daily travels, EKO created EKO DIESEL EKONOMY. A new fuel, which combines greater cost efficiency and higher performance!

  • Saves up to 4%, i.e. up to 5 cents/liter* from the first fill ups.
  • Increases engine performance immediately, because it contains a cetane improver.
  • It immediately reduces engine noise by up to 15%.
  • Ensures exceptional detergent and anti-corrosion protection for all engine types.
  • Prevents the formation of residue on injector nozzles from the first fill ups (clean up, keep clean).
  • Reduces nitrogen oxide emissions and unburned particles.
  • Reduces maintenance costs and extends the engine’s life engine.

* Based on a diesel reference price of €1.25/liter and saving of up to 4%, as this arises from the average price of the measurement results concerning the special EKO DIESEL EKONOMY additive according to the laboratory tests carried out by Total ACS. 
The comparison concerns the consumption of diesel fuel without additives and the consumption of the same diesel fuel after addition of specific additives found in EKO DIESEL EKONOMY leaving all other variables unchanged. The exact savings may vary depending on the car type, conditions and driving style