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Your partner card!

ΕΚΟ SA is the market leader in the sector of petroleum products in Greece, always offering high quality services, with a profound sense of responsibility towards consumers.

ΕΚΟ SA functions under the umbrella of the Hellenic Petroleum Group, a dynamic entity with a strong presence in the energy-related developments in Greece and the wider region of southeastern Europe. The Hellenic Petroleum Group focused on the development and expansion of its fuel supply network in the Balkans. Today, its commercial subsidiary companies hold a dominant position in the markets of Serbia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, and Cyprus.


The ΕΚΟcard is issued by ΕΚΟ for its commercial customers.
It has been designed to provide practical and innovative solutions in corporate fleet management.
The card enables drivers to fuel their vehicles without using any cash, in a wide retail network throughout Greece.
All payments are made centrally on a monthly basis.

Freedom - Safety - Monitoring

The ΕΚΟcard is accepted by more than 500 EKO stations throughout Greece, covering a wide geographical range, and serving the needs of your company.
In addition to refueling, you can use the ΕΚΟcard to purchase lubricants, various services (such as a car wash) and anything else offered in our stations, without the use of cash.
All transactions are conducted safely through smart cards, and the use of a Personal Security Code (PIN), which is selected by the cardholder and stored in the card chip.
The specially designed reports and detailed information regarding your transactions, which can be viewed on a special website, will help you manage and monitor your corporate fleet.
There is no subscription fee for these services.

  • Card number
  • Company Name
  • Vehicle License Plates Number
  • or Driver’s Full Name

Card Usage Limits

You have the option to set different limits in the usage of each card, which are then stored in its chip. The available limits are:
In Euro (g) per Day / Week / Month / Year

In Liters per Day / Week / Month / Year
Moreover, you can combine two or more limits.

Service Index
You may choose from 9 different Service Indexes per Card:
    1. Gas only
    2. Diesel only
    3. Gas & Car wash
    4. Diesel & Car wash
    5. Gas, Car wash & Lubricants
    6. Diesel, Car wash & Lubricants
    7. Gas, Lubricants, Other Products & Services
    8. Diesel, Lubricants, Other Products & Services
    9. Fuel, Lubricants, Car wash, Mini Market purchases & Services

1 card, 2 networks
Serving our customers and covering their needs is a top priority for our company. As a member of the Hellenic Petroleum Group, we are expanding the network of stations that accept the EKOcard, by adding selected BP stations, within the framework of our efforts to provide a higher standard of customer service.
This way, we substantially increase the number of stations that accept the EKOcard, providing users a wider geographical coverage.

Online Services
The EKOcard website -where you can log in with the use of a password- offers you the following services:

Card management
Card orders (new ones, cancellations, replacements), creation of cost centers, and card usage limits.

Account Management
Viewing and transferring of monthly bills to your company’s systems.

Report Management
Creation and transfer of specially designed reports related to card usage on a level of cost centers and/or cards.

EKOcard Department
8a, Chimarras Street, 151 25 – Marousi
Tel.: 210 7725 521, 210 6887 447
Fax: 210 7725 932, 210 6887 315