EKO Hotline 211 1818050


EKO ABEE formed a new advanced heating oil with even better features, which ensures better burner performance, reduced maintenance costs and lower consumption.
By choosing EKO, you know that you are choosing a guaranteed, high quality, environmentally-friendly and cost efficient product. 

  • Anti-corrosion / anti-pollutant
  • Perfect combustion
  • Reduction of deposits on the burner
  • Reduction of black smoke

Consumers in Attica, Thessaloniki and Patras can buy heating oil from EKO by phoning 18198.

Consumers outside Attica and Thessaloniki can contact local resellers or the EKO ABEE stations. 
It ensures:

  • immediate delivery, at EKO’s known low prices, within 24 hours of placing your order
  • customer service with modern organizational systems and experienced staff.
  • absolute control during delivery with the EKO Control System. 

The EKO Control System is a portable heating oil meter, which is placed between the nozzle and your tank and ensures the amount of heating oil that you will receive by 100%!

 Ask for heating oil delivery with the portable EKO heating oil meter.      
It is installed by EKO and naturally it's FREE! The portable EKO heating oil meter offers 100% assurance because:

  • It accurately measures the delivered fuel
  • It detects air and water in the fuel supply
  • It measures the delivery temperature
  • It ensures that only pay for the amount that has been poured into your tank
For orders and to find out if you qualify for the heating oil benefit, please call: 18198.