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Refueling (with LPG)

We ALWAYS welcome you with SAFETY!

Upon your arrival at the gas station, an employee directs you to the right spot, depending on the purpose of your visit.

For LPG refueling, the employee will direct you to the right pump. Refueling always takes place from the side of the car fuel tank.

Before refueling:
For your safety, the employee will ask you to:
  • Switch off your car engine
  • Switch off your mobile phone
  • Put out your cigarette
  • Remain or get out of the vehicle
Before connecting your car, the employee will check the condition and cleanliness of the filling point and nozzle. Upon connecting the nozzle, make sure the connection is right.

During refueling:
Our employee is always present while refueling.

LPG is colorless and has a characteristic smell, to make leakages easily traceable. In case of leakage, the employee will activate the alarm and refueling will cease automatically. In this case, you should strictly follow the directions of the personnel, which is trained to handle similar emergencies.

After refueling:
Make sure refueling is done, that the hose has been removed, and the tank cap is closed, before starting your engine.