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What is MobilEye?
During the last few years, Euromat became the authorized distributor of MobilEye in Greece
MobilEye is an innovative series of advanced driver assistance systems that can be installed in any vehicle. The system consists of a smart camera, mounted on the windshield, that constantly monitors the road ahead, and operates as a “third eye” in order to prevent or reduce a potential collision risk.
The unique artificial vision technology of MobilEye detects lanes, vehicles, motorcycles, license plates, cyclists and pedestrians.
It uses and processes all camera information, calculates distances and potential collision time, with other vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians.
MobilEye alerts drivers in real time, in case of potential collision risk, giving them time to react.
Endorsed and used by many private and public companies, MobilEye is a state-of-the-art comprehensive, yet simple camera solution that effectively reduces accidents.
All MobilEye alerts can be monitored and recorded in the Eurotrack system.
MobilEye has the following features
Notifies drivers and records their behavior

Visual alerts appear
on the imaging unit of EyeWatch.
This unit is installed on the inside
of the car and can be used instead
of or in conjunction with a Smartphone.
Audio alerts are sent via the vision sensor unit,  which is installed on the inside of the windshield    

Alert in case of improper traffic lane usage
MobilEye detects traffic markings and notifies drivers in case they unintentionally deviate (or without using their blinkers) from the traffic lane, mitigating the risk of collision. 

Detection of pedestrians and cyclists
MobilEye detects pedestrians and cyclists on the road, alerting drivers, thus mitigating a potential collision risk.

Head-on collision alert
MobilEye detects vehicles on the road and alerts drivers when in danger of a head-on collision with the vehicle ahead.


Distance monitoring alert
MobilEye calculates the distance,
within seconds, between your vehicle
and the one ahead, and warns you
when too close,
 thus mitigating the risk of collision.


Speed limit display
MobilEye detects traffic signs
and gives you
the real speed limit
indicated for the road,
ensuring that you are always updated.

Smart high-beam headlights monitoring
MobilEye automatically activates and
high-beam headlights,
depending on their scale
and distance from the vehicles
moving in the opposite lane


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