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Schulte-Ufer Professional Knives

For professional chefs and not only!

Fill up your tank, collect coupons and get the Schulte-Ufer collectible knives from 3,99€ + 6 coupons!

How to complete your selection?

• Every time you purchase EKO fuels in one of the participating gas stations, you get 1 coupon for every €10 you spend. For example, a 10€ fuel purchase equals to 1 coupon, a 20€ fuel purchase to 2 coupons, and so on.
• When you have 6 coupons, you can pay the amount indicated in the brochure, and get the product of your choice.
• All products are sold either with the coupons plus a reduced price or at the retail price indicated in the brochure.
• There is no limitation in the number of products you can purchase.
• Coupons cannot be exchanged in whole or in part for cash or other products.
• All products have a 2 year warranty, upon presentation of proof of purchase.

Promotional Activity Duration

• Coupons shall be distributed until January 31, 2016.
• Completed forms shall be exchanged until February 14, 2016.
• The promotion is valid until stocks and coupons run out and it cannot be combined with another promotion, offer or discount.

Due to high demand, the duration of the promotional activity will be prolonged! More specifically:

• Coupons will be distributed until February 14, 2016.
• Completed forms will be exchanged until February 28, 2016.

Schulte-Ufer knives

A good set of knives is necessary for every kitchen, and every culinary level, professional or not. The Schulte-Ufer knives are easy to use and extremely durable, in order to facilitate the preparation of meals. With the right care and use, theSchulte-Ufer knives will keep their features and performance for many years. The Schulte-Ufer knives set consists of high quality products, serving the needs of modern cooks.

See here the list of stations that participate in this promotional activity.