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EKO Warranty Program

EKO creates the first comprehensive fuel control program from the refinery to your car’s fuel tank!

EKO is the first company to create a comprehensive fuel quality and quantity control program throughout the distribution chain!
  • It conducts continuous fuel quality analyses at the refineries and at the storage facilities.

  • It seals the fuel tanks with non-tamperable numbered security tapes.

  • It tracks all the fuel tankers throughout their route with GPS.

  • It Tests and Seals the gas station pumps with specific quality assurance tapes.

  • FOR THE FIRST TIME, it enables the consumer to check the fuel quality with the FREE spot test kits.

  • Unannounced quantitative controls are conducted at the gas stations using the specially adapted conventional vehicles.

  • In cooperation with the NTUA’s Fuels Laboratory, it conducts numerous quality and quantity controls using specially equipped mobile laboratories.

So that we can all be sure about the fuel we have chosen!

That said, by visiting an EKO gas station you can feel...

Sure about every liter!