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ΕΚΟ sponsoring the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour

ΕΚΟ sponsoring the  Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour

/Freestyle Motocross/Greece

In yet another unique for Greece event, EKO was present, on Friday June 12, in the Marble Quarry of Dionysos.

The Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour Freestyle Motocross came for the first time in Greece. The area was spectacular and the dirt multilevel circuit in the Marble Quarry of Dionysos impressed contestants and audience! In a thrilling final that will be recorded in history, Clinton said Moore made an impeccable appearance, and won first place at the FMX championship for the second time in a row. The tricks of the Australian rider left the audience breathless, and the 2013 world champion, Tom Pages, was left in second place.

Beautiful night pictures from Greece went viral around the world, promoting an event that required the work of 500 people, and several months to be completed, proving without any doubt that Athens can organize and host big, successful athletic events.

ΕΚΟ was there with a specially designed stand, visited by more than 3,000 spectators. More than 1000 pictures were taken by the on-site Yamaha enduro , with the use of a special photo booth, and the result was impressive, as evidenced by the pictures hereby attached.

The action is now transfered to Madrid on the 10th of July, after starting in Mexico City and continuing in Athens. Pretoria will follow on the 12th of September, before the most acclaimed FMXchampionship ends up in the UAE on October 30th.